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I recently tried to purchase a 2008 Ford Focus from Ernie Haire Ford on June 28, 2008.I put 500 dollars down and agreed on a deal.

They let me drive home with the Focus for two weeks when I got a call to come back down to the dealership. When I got there they told me my financing did not get approved. When I asked for the vehicle I traded in for the Focus back and my down payment back they said my vehicle was not there and the accountants office was closed and come back the next day. When I returned the next day for my vehicle and down payment, they only had my vehicle ready even after I had called earlier in the day to make sure my check was ready.

The manager then told me they would have someone deliver my check to me at work first thing the following morning. When 11am and 3 pm rolled around the next day there still was no check. I was forced to have my father call and demand for my money. They called me back 5 minutes after my dad got off the phone and said my check was at the receptionist office and to pick it up before 9pm.

This dealerships customer service was horrible, plus they had total disrespect towards women!!

This is Ernie Haire Ford off of Tampa Ave.

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Able to come up with a whole $500 on a $14-15000 car with over $1000 of fees and taxes!!!!Ford doesn't extend the credit, and if they hadn't tried, you'ld have been upset with them for that.

I'm a Honda dealer and would have asked you how you expected to make a &300 payment + insurance if you couldn't save $1000.They could have followed up and communicated better though.


They (Ernie Haire) are scammers from the depths of ***, and I have already told at least 10 people to stay away from them and their conniving tricks.They use the old spot delivery game, then try to tell you your credit was worse than they thought, and you can only keep the new car if you sign anew, with higher interest.

If you must go there, get your money/financing elsewhere, that way you can tell them to go *** up a rope with their fraudulent scams.If you have shaky credit, fix it before you go "beg" to any (especially Ford) auto dealership.

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