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My husband and I went to Ernie Haire Ford on Sat., I went on line got preapproved (gave my ss#) so they could run it and have that part done.We proceeded to there, when we arrived everyone was eager to help, but as soon as we were turned down the first time, everything came to a stand still.

We were walked out to the lot to take a truck or two for a test drive, but that was a run around. We walked in and he wanted to give us the car he wanted us to drive, not the color we wanted to drive home, so he stated he had to wait for banks to open on Monday to send our credit apps. through. we should of known, cause we had to call them, I thought customer service was they call you with every step,.

not you call them. them he told us our payments were going to be 400-500 a month, we are trading in our car which is 321 a month to get a lower payment, not higher.

I hate when it has to be there way or no way.i hate all the game playing.

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My exact experience 5 years ago! would think that they would learn how to treat people...i'm ashamed of the earnie haire sticker on the back of my explorer and can't wait to trade tomorrow at brandon ford...

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